ACADEMICS :: Minor Areas
Capability-linked options for Undergraduate students

Students with CGPA higher than 7.0 and / or earned credits higher than 20 per semester are eligible to register for additional credits towards the following Capability-linked options. They can make use of these additional credits in two blocks of 20 credits to opt for

(a) Minor/Interdisciplinary Area Specialization
(b) Departmental Specialization

A student based on his/her performance and interest can choose either one on both. Successful completion of minor area credits and/or Interdisciplinary/Departmental Specialization will be indicated on the degree.

When a student opts for such a specialization and / or a minor area, he / she can use 10 open category (OC) credits (mandatory degree requirement) towards the specialization and/or minor area requirements. For example, a student registered for B.Tech (Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology) and opting for minor area in Computer Science, can opt for courses prescribed for the minor area, as part of mandatory 10 credits requirements under OC. He/she will need to do additional 10 credits for completing the Minor area requirements.

A set of pre-defined courses of total 20 credits in a focus area comprises a Departmental Specialization if the courses belong to the parent Department of an undergraduate programme, or a Minor/Interdisciplinary Area Specialization if the courses belong to a different Department/Centre/School. Additional conditions and details are given in the course of study booklet.

If any course of a Minor / Interdisciplinary area overlaps with any core course (DC or PC category courses) or elective course (DE or PE category courses) of the student’s programme, then credits from this course will not count towards the minor area credit requirements, though this course may contribute towards satisfying the requirement of the Minor / Interdisciplinary area. In such a case, the requirement of 20 credits must be completed by taking other courses of the Minor Area or Departmental / Interdisciplinary specialization. A student interested in opting for a Capability-linked option can register for the same online, on a first-come first served basis, after he/she completes at least 2 courses, preferably the core courses (wherever applicable) of the Minor Area/Interdisciplinary/Departmental Specialization being applied for.

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