T.R. Sreekrishnan

Office: Block I, Room # 136
☎ +91-11-26591014
☎ +91-11-26597006 (Dean)
☎ +91-11-26591706 (Sec'y)
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T.R. Sreekrishnan


Research Interests:
Waste Engineering and Environmental Biotechnology-Development; modelling and optimization of aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment processes for high strength and toxic industrial waste streams; Biodegradation of xenobiotic compounds; Production of biodegradable polymers; Development of biosensors for monitoring environmental pollutants


Born xxCityxxx, yyStateyy; Ph.D. IIT Delhi, India 1990; Post Doctoral Research experience at INRS (Institut national de la recherche scientifique), Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre, Qubec, Canada

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